About us


Letter from the Vice Chairman and CEO

As Egypt embarks on a new economic, political and social future, Phoenix Group’s mission is to work with international investors to build a stronger, more prosperous society. While challenges remain, opportunities to grow have never been more exciting. Now, more than ever, Egypt is in need of capital, know-how and innovation from its global partners.


At Phoenix Group, our aim is to facilitate the entry of international business, investment and expertise into Egypt. We leverage our long-term experience, practical expertise and wide network of contacts to support multinational companies and investors in conceiving, developing and implementing successful projects across a wide range of industries.


Phoenix Group offers business facilitation, consultancy services, legal advisory, business networking and industry know-how to support every facet of an investment from initiations to materialization. Assisting our clients in adapting to local practices and cultural differences is a main aspect of our mission: we facilitate this process by promoting mutual understanding and connecting our clients with the right local counterparts.


Phoenix Group comprises a brain trust of associated companies across a number of fields, international strategic partners and talented individuals with a deep understanding of business development in Egypt. We support our clients in reaching short and long term business goals with bespoke solutions that offer sustainable results. With Phoenix Group, stakeholders gain access to a powerful network of experts and key industry players that offer invaluable resources for doing business in Egypt.



Egypt offers some of the most exciting opportunities for investors and corporations globally, Our cross-industry capabilities, strategic partners and unmatched expertise in government affairs make Phoenix Group the most sought-after partner for multinational investors working in Egypt. Phoenix Group will bring Egypt and its international partner closer together.



Mahmoud Aboul Nasr

Vice Chairman & CEO